ImageOk, so I am definitely pro-grooming. I think it’s courteous and polite to look good and neat when you leave the house. But I have recently witnessed an alarming new trend that needs to be nipped in the bud. Now.

 Public grooming.

 I have touched on this in the past, thanks to way too many scrapes (literally, bleurgh) with manicures gone awry on the tube but I am beyond horrified at the intimate physical touch ups (hehe, that sounds worse than I meant it to) that people feel comfortable with doing in public. And I just don’t get it. If you are vain enough to groom (which I am) then how are you ok with everyone seeing you in a compromising and probably unflattering position? And I know that everyone looking at me will know that grooming has gone into it. No one will look at a woman with smooth legs and assume that they just have no body hair but nevertheless, the whole point of grooming is to create the illusion that grooming is unnecessary. If you are going to highlight your “flaws” by “fixing” them in public then fixing them becomes moot. So, here is The Etiquetterie’s definitive guide to public grooming:

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